This page is where we can share what has been taking place at our cluster share sessions.

Port Hills Term Two Cluster Sharing Afternoon
Thursday, June 10th

The first cluster share for 2010 was held at Chisnallwood Intermediate School. The focus for the afternoon of sharing was the Action Research teachers had undertaken during term one and/or term two. Each teacher outlined their intended learning intentions and contexts in the English curriculum for the project and then presented the results of their project, including goals for the next action research project.
Teachers from the cluster schools enjoyed the relaxed nature of the afternoon and the time to discuss various elements of ICT it's focus in each school. All attendees were asked to fill out an evaluation sheet based on the 'usefulness' of the afternoon, outlining specific ideas to take back to classrooms. The overall majority found the afternoon very useful. This was evident in the discussion enjoyed afterwards in the Chisnallwood library over a 'quiet drink and fine cuisene'.
A big thanks to Richard, Kathy and Tim at Chisnallwood for hosting us. The next cluster share is in Term Three on Thursday 16th September at Bishopdale School.
You can
see the collated results of the feedback form here:


If you wish to download the collated results please do so here:


Port Hill's Third Cluster Sharing Afternoon

The final cluster sharing afternoon was held at Bishopdale Primary School. After gathering in the school hall, Sue Fisher (principal) and Tim Morgan (lead teacher at Bishopdale) welcomed
everyone and unveiled the cluster collaboration project for Term One, 2010. The philosophy behind the project is to get everyone collaborating on a curriculum theme to build relationships between classrooms and teachers across the cluster. Port Hills are looking at Creative games or adventure based games as the context for this.
Tim and Nick (facilitator) ran the cluster through the how to's in regards to downloading easy to use planning sheets, unit templates and suitable use of ICT's to enhance the experience for well as an easy way to collaborate. You can see our collaboration website here: CLICK
A big thank you, as always, must go to the presenters from each school who shared their expertise and experiences with the masses in successful ICT tools to use in the class. It is never easy standing in front of your peers and they did a fantastic job.
Finally, much needed refreshments were enjoyed before the cluster spread to their homes and offices in order to meet the demands of reporting and assessment. A teachers job is never done...
Thanks to Sue, Tim and the team at Bishopdale school for hosting another successful cluster share afternoon. The last for the year.


Port Hill's Second Cluster Sharing afternoon

Heaton Intermedaite School
Thursday 3rd September

The second of our cluster sharing afternoons was held at Heaton Intermediate School. Everyone met in Heaton’s fantastic arts auditorium where Principal Andrea Knight welcomed visitors then introduced the schedule for the afternoon. We were treated to a presentation from Heaton school ESOL teacher, Sarah, in which she inspired all with her innovative and manageable use of IT in her classroom.
Cluster members were then able to choose a ‘hands on’ practical session that interested them. There was a wide range of skills and opportunities available ranging from Web based programs and sites to free software and innovative programs.
A fantastic spread of refreshments was on offer afterwards in the staffroom and teachers made the most of it! Thanks must go to Andrea, Peter, Jenny and the team at Heaton for their organisation as well as the awesome presenters who shared their expertise.
The final cluster share for the year is at Bishopdale School on November 19th.

Port Hills Cluster Share no. 2

Port Hill's Very First Cluster Sharing Afternoon

Chisnallwood Intermediate School
Wednesday 22nd July

For a first cluster sharing session this afternoon really set the standard! Upon arrival to Chisnallwood, guests were treated to an outstanding performance by the Chisnallwood Jazz Group who played with skill well beyond their ages. After a few words from Chisnallwood Principal Richard Paton and Lead Teacher Lisa Squire, teachers from our cluster enjoyed practical sessions presented by colleagues and fellow cluster members. This was followed by a fantastic spread for all to enjoy. A huge thanks to all teachers involved with presenting and especially to the team at Chisnallwood for organising such a great occasion.

Tim Betts was presenting in Room 10. He showed a few things that those there were interested in. He has created a page here where you can download the items or links to the websites he showed. Tim's Links Files and tools . Enjoy. On reflection he should have put the link through to his own wiki to increase his visitor numbers. And no, its not a contest, as long as he is winning.