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"Each lead teacher needs to have developed systems for staff to read relevant readings and research articles and to engage in professional dialogue about how ICT can be integrated into teaching and learning, and to increase their understanding of effective teaching and learning strategies. "


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"Salman Khan from California agreed to tutor his younger cousin, Nadia, in maths remotely using tablet technology.
"I thought these video lessons would be a good supplement. Nadia started improving significantly and more family wanted to see them, so I put them on YouTube. Others started to randomly access them and it just went from there." says Khan.
Five years, 2000 video lessons, and 41 million views on YouTube later, Khan is on target for his mission of "providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere" - with one faculty member.
Khan has university degrees in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, and an MBA from Harvard Business School - but no formal teaching qualifications.
Last year he caught the attention of Bill Gates (who uses the videos personally to "remind myself of things", and for his children) and Google - who have provided funding, enabling Khan to leave his job as a hedge fund analyst and concentrate on the Khan Academy.
He now has a small team developing user-paced exercises "allowing the Khan Academy to become the free classroom for the world"."
- Sydney Morning Herald
Social Media in Primary School

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Engaging School Parent COmmunities through Facebook.
A school in Howick, Auckland implements it with great success.
You can search for the school in Facebook.

This is taken from CORE education's EDtalks.
The 2011 Horizon Report

An outlook for the future of technology in education and what research is finding out.
Even just reading the 'Key Trends' section at the front is worth it.

Flat Stanley
Students make positive connections with their world using Flat Stanleys at Epsom Normal Primary School in Auckland.
Teaching with iPads in the classroom
A pragmatic approach to engaging students and getting them interested in learning.
Some really good stuff on this website...appropriately titled. Particularly useful stuff on the 'Teaching and Learning' page..

New Zealand teacher wins award for using effective e-Learning practices
Click the photo for the article

A realist's approach to Technology.

A list of the key features in authentic ICT use in schools

A reading on how Technology can influence learning

How technology should be used effectively and be available to all

How will you use technology to support your schools' vision for learning?

Indicators of meaningful, engaged learning in your school

Effectively integrating technology into teacher's classrooms

The five components of complex change

The five disciplines seen as central to learning organizations and some issues and questions concerning the theory and practice of learning organizations. By Peter Senge

Preparing students for the 21st Century and the change needed for that to happen

Leadership Dimensions Derived from 11 Studies of Effects of Leadership on Student Outcomes

An excellent article on assessment direction

Teacher professional learning and development in relation to student outcomes.
By Helen Timperly.

Identifying what works in school leadership when targeting raised student outcomes.
By Prof. Viviane M. J. Robinson

Managing for success in Maori Education.

Please take the time to upload your own readings if you have ones of value to anyone in the cluster.

An updated version of the Web 2.0 projects reading below. Excellent resource!. by Teddy Freedman

Projects for your classroom that may help effectively integrate

Great web tools for your Literacy programme

Need some convincing? Read on.
iLearn Magazine: An online resource devoted to the best way to incorporate Mac technology into the classroom. Really awesome!