Here's some links to cool stuff going on in our schools:

Bishopdale School
At Bishopdale we have asked every teacher to think of a project relating to their literacy programmes. These might involve blogs, comic life, wordles, powerpoints, photo stories and more. The wiki is sort of a hub that teachers (through their mentors) can share their work on these projects. You will find links to blogs, word files and powerpoints within the wikispace.

We hope to help out our local kindies by gathering Timezone tickets throughout the year. We will then use these tickets to purchase presents for under 5's in our community. We would love it if you could help us by putting a "drop box" at your school (perhaps a job for a student council?) Check out the link

We have been told to prepare to give work in the case of school closures. I thought the easiest way to do this was to to use the net.

Chisnallwood Intermediate
At Chisnallwood Intermediate school, an easy to follow step by step guide has been placed on their school intranet site so that taking the plunge is that much easier.

Class wiki sites are being created and will soon be linked to a School wiki where the community is able to access the great things going on in their school.

Lyttelton West School
Matt Thomas (Room3 Year 4/5). Our class Wiki is now up and running and the students seem to be really enjoying it. So far I have been experimenting with the following Web 2.0 tools:
  • A voting poll (where students could all vote for our new class mascot- "Shrimpy" the shrimp won in the end)
  • A questionnaire (where students can test their knowledge of the science topic we are studying this term)
  • Jing (which lets you take photos of the screen so that you can make easy to follow tutorials for the students- it was very useful for the Help page)
  • A voicethread (where the goal is to have students do peer assessment of eachother's poetry by posting comments which they record by microphone)


Simone Duckmanton (Room 1 Year 0/1)

Our class wrote narratives, and the girls in particular, really liked writing about princess with themselves as the star. We published these on 'Pages,' which is an Apple tool and used the writers as the inspiration for the pictures. The children chose clothes from our dress-up box and we set up a 'blue screen' in the class. The children decided where the pictures should go, what should be in the pictures and how the children should pose. Then we found backgrounds from the internet e.g castles, crowns. We used the 'alpha' tool to hide our background and make the children appear to be with the picture.

This is a story written by Lili, aged 5.

Jeremy Orczy (Room 4 Year 6/7/8)

Here is an example of the Port Hills News. This is a programme played fortnightly at each Lyttelton West School assembly. The programme is put together by the students of Room 4 (yr 6-8) who film, star and edit the fortnightly wrap-up of what's going on in the school. Students of all ages love watching the clips in assembly and look forward to the possibility they may star in them in the future.
The short term goal is for these pieces to be available to the community to watch via the web.

Heaton Normal Intermediate


James Musgrave - Room 14 Year 7
I have been using a wiki with my class since early term 1 this year. So far we have used it for such things as homework, publishing writing, collaborating on the gathering information step of the inquiry process, and posting photos of goings on. Probably the most beneficial aspects have been the students learning the skills needed to add content and use it properly, and creating a stronger link between school and home.

I set up the R14 wiki to be completely private and inaccessible by the public, to avoid any privacy issues. For this reason if you'd like to view it you'll need to apply to join. Surf to to have a look and send me an email at if you have trouble getting in.

If that's too much fuss, click here to see some screen shots.

Peter Garrett - ICT Lead Teacher, Room 6 Teacher
I have a blog set up for my class to establish an interface between home and school. It is a closed environment with me as the moderator.
I post notices, timetables, homework and assignments on the blog. Children are able to complete their homework online and I can view it and comment on the blog. The company I use is called 21classes and has been set up for schools. It is free if you use the lite version. I am able to embed Youtube videos for pupils to view.
To link to my login page click here:

Ren Cameron - Room 2
Here are some powerpoints created for Scientific testing. The have been created with hyperlinks in order do break the scientific process down. i-Spring is the program we used to upload them to this wiki space. Click on each hyperlink (they are each part of the scientific process) to work through the powerpoints below...

Wendy Edge - Room 11

Here are some powerpoints created following the ICT professional development day based areound Digital Literacy using Powerpoint at eTime.
Wendy used powerpoint to create free form poetic pieces that combined the fantastic and powerful visual imagery available from the internet with the students own thinking. This was part of a Fair Trade inquiry.

Heaton Intermediate have focused their IT Professional Development around using mentor groups to target learning objectives for students and teachers.
This has enabled each mentor group to ensure effective programs are used in classrooms with a context for each term.
You can see an example of a Mentor Group focus here:

Peter Garrett
Heaton Entries in the TVNZ Netguide Multimedia Challenge
Forensic Science Website
Reduce, Reuse Recyle Website
The Brain Corner Website

Lyttelton Main School
At LMS we are creating wiki pages for each class which are/will be used for keeping parents informed and displaying children's recent work. We also have a school wiki up and running.

Dan Craighead - Lead Teacher
I have been using our class wiki as a way of sharing children's work. We have been looking at different ways of encouraging literacy through the use of ICT. The children have used ComicLife, Bookr, PowerPoint and other software to present their work. Children have also have become far more skilled through learning how to use different software.

Janet Powell - Y2-3 Teacher
we are taking small but succesful steps and are even better at usingsuch basic programmes as word. For many of my children it is a thrill to be able to independently create a title page for a story using borders and Word Art effectively. This has also created new leaders in the class as those more familiar with computers have naturally taken the role of teaching and assisting those that needed help. We have also created a Photostory based on our current Antarctic studies which the children loved putting together. We were able to go through the processes of drawing a story board, sequencing events and writing our narrative. We then took each frame and discussed how the children would pose for it to give the required visual information. In the end we had covered a wide range of skills in literacy, topic and ICT and it was something the whole class was very proud to share with the rest of the junior school.