5. Web 2.0 Tools for You

Here's some beauties we've looked at and some to experiment with:

Blogger Set up a blog
Voice Thread Digital Literacy tool
Wordle Make word clouds
Flickr Great place to go to for online photo collaboration
Voki Everyone's favourite animated people
Cluster Maps Find out whos looking from where
Rockyou Fancy up your headings
Kickyoutube Save your youtube clips
Blabberize Animate your photos

Slide Create photo slideshows to embed in your wiki/blog
Glass giant Make different animated visuals
Writeboard Write, share, revise, collaborate documents online.
Make Word Mosaic Like Wordle, but you can choose your shape
Gick.r.com Make your own gifs for your pleasure (moving images/jpgs)

ToonDoo Making cartoons, fun easy and lots of options.
GoAnimate Making animnated stories from presets, lots of options.

Heres some sites that have loads of different widgets:
generator blog
Learning Web 2 Tools

Do check Danny's Wiki (he works at eTime and is pretty much awesome at everything).