This page is devoted to the awesome websites that are out there to make our teaching and learning more interesting:

These can added be to by anyone with access!
(Not just Nick)
1. Spelling City-
You can do so much more with your spelling lists.
(Thanks Dan)
2. Shelfari -
You can create book lists then you/students can rate and review the books.
(Thanks Tim)
3. CoolToolsfor Schools-
This fantastic site has everything you need to make your wiki or blog the best wiki/blog in the whole wide world.
4. Hero machine-
Drop and drag capes, costumes, and create your own Superhero. Also has a rock star version.

Just got to play here
5. Web 2 in Schools-
An awesome array of different Web tools to enhance the goings on in your classrooms.
6. Be Funky-
A great way to 'Funky' up your photos. Easy to use and awesome in every way.
7. Making Teachers Nerdy-
Awesome name. Has links to everything you may need to enhance your efforts to incorporate the digital teaching tools into your classroom.
(Thanks to Paula Jamieson from
8. Magic Pen-
Pretty much the most awesome physics based educational game to play on your whiteboards (if you have them) or just on the computer. Hard to explain, but great.
9. Childtopia-
Average name, but loads of interactive stuff such as reading comp, listening comp activities. Perfect for the junior to middle stages of primary school!
10. ReadWriteThink-
A website with a large collection of online materials to support your literacy programme. A first port of call for all planning!
11. Starfall-
For you New Entrants and Yr 1/2 teachers! Everything one needs for to enhance a classroom reading programme.
12. Speakaboos-
Online Literacy resource that has loads of storybooks to listen to and/or watch. Includes an song bank! Yeah!
13. Poems and Stories for Kids (PS4K)-
A new website created by a teacher that has some awesome poetry and short stories for students of all ages. Includes a poem of the week page. Very funny!
14. Korero Maori
An excellent one stop site for your Maori language needs. Has some great waiata, thorough info, and excellent resources for classroom use. Also has interactive conversations.
15. Physics Games
Around 100 different games all based around the concept of physics. Some are outstandingly suitable for many areas of learning and some are borderline...but have a look and decide the ones suitable for your students.
16. Storyline
An outstanding website where famous people read books online. Your students will watch and listen in awe while Froddo and Darth Vader and other folk like that share great books on the computer. I highly recommend it as this site has good resources to download also.