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istockphoto_9432391-multimedia-icon.jpgMulti-Media in the Port Hills Cluster:

podcast_logo.jpgPodcasting in the Port Hills Cluster:

Heres some examples of effective podcasts in schools:
Listen to the students and get a feel for the contexts applied. Think about the powerful possibilities for your classroom!
Student Podcast from Heaton Intermediate in our cluster.
Taken from their website:
"We may live in a small suburb, but people all over the world can hear what we have to say. For our students the whole world is our village, thanks to podcasting"

Pt England students present podcasts in a variety of contexts, most notably (famously infact) centered around book reviews on NZ authors.
Springston school are using podomatic to host their podcasts. They podcast on a variety of topics and ideas based around what is going on in their teaching and learning- therefore truly authentic!
Roydvale are using Podomatic to host podcasts generally related to in-class teaching and learning as well.
A Fantastic podcasting resource from our previous National Facilitator.

If you are interested in learning more about PODCASTING, follow the links to learn how:

PC platform
MAC Platform

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Websites and Web Tools we're using in the Port Hills Cluster

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