Here are some of the tools and links I showed in the Meeting on the 22nd of July. I have also added the things I showed at the 3rd of September meeting. I have put on some other sites that I would have got to with more time. I have lots more links to things on my class wiki.
Links to my site direct:
Links to widgets and tools
The best tools
Useful files to download
Instructions for the random thing:
Unzip using winzip or winrar. Open with word and edit the names then save. I recommend putting the unzipped folder in My Documents somewhere.

A Flash button that when pushed counts down 45 seconds. Good for crowd control.

A Flash button that gets the classes attention. Good for crowd control.

Links to sound meter


link to visual Thesaurus

Wiked interactive site

Good word site

BBC Teacher resources

Earthweek: current events for mother earth

Fun facts in heaps of catergories

Great for finding infomation for report writing or guided/recipricol reading, or just knowing stuff.

Book sharing site

Great maths games

BBC interactives

The world in numbers

Word of the day

TKI Journal Teacher notes online Archive

TKI Journal teachers notes sorted by comprehension strategies

Encyclopedia of NZ great.

The G spot. For those at the meeting you remember this one. For those who were not, watch it first as it may not be appropriate for some.
All about puberty.

I am a freak. BBC site refer to previous warning. All about puberty.